- canvas
- paper
- woodcuts
- columns
- obelisks
- enterprise
- gesturing men
- reflection
- murals
- ceramics

Patrick Siler


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I have served an extensive apprenticeship over the past 50 years: going to school, trying different media, working in a variety of modes, and learning the ropes. Now I want to use the process of art to express something inside of me. I'm not sure what it is, but bit by bit, the life experience brings forth from my subconscious images and stories. I want to record these phenomena as one person's unique vision.

I'm sure of the relevance of art by its persistent presence in human culture. I'm not so sure of the significance of my observations and creations but the challenge is always there and so is the mystery of creation. I'm looking forward to more exciting projects in the future. 

Biographical Outline

1939 // Born in Spokane, WA. Raised n Tacoma Washington, Sunburst Montana and Star Idaho
1957 // Graduated from high school, Tacoma, Washington.
1961 // Undergraduate Art Studies, Washington State College, Pullman, Washington
1961-1963 // University of California, Berkeley, Master's degree in Painting
1963-1972 // Survived as an artist in Berkeley and Oakland, CA
1965-1970 // Studied ceramics with Peter Voulkos while working in the pot shop at University of California, Berkeley
1972 // Started teaching ceramics at Washington State University, Pullman, WA. Intensively explored ceramic art.
1974 // Taught my first drawing class.
1974-1979 // Intensively explored ceramic art.
1979 // Did my first large-scale figurative paintings using stencils.
1979-1989 // Did extensive exploration into ceramic sculpture.
1985-1986 // Did woodcut print series.
1986-1987 // Explored ink and brush drawing and added transparent colors.
1989 // Became the full time departmental drawing coordinator and drawing teacher.
1990 // Began to try to teach myself to paint in earnest. Tried figurative oil painting.
1992-1994 // Extensive painting/drawing on paper with acrylic.
1993 // Met my future wife, Elizabeth Mejia. (nee Kennedy)
1995 // My son Brian Patrick Siler was born.
1997 // Married.
1995-1999 // Large scale figurative painting in acrylic.
1995-2001 // Began woodcut framed paintings.
1996-2002 // Began mixed media drawing using acrylic paint (gesso drawings)
2002-2004 // Did series of large format gesso drawings using acrylic paint as the principle medium.
2004 // Started a large-scale drawing group
2005 // Extensive pencil drawings done at coffee houses around Pullman.
2005 // Retired from teaching after 33 years at Washington State University
2005-2006 // Started a series of large-scale drawings in color using pastels.
2006-2011 // Periodic residencies at Building Products, a ceramic pipe factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Did ceramic paintings in the round on ceramic pipes.
2009 // Painted my first mural "Skyhorses and the Finder Points of Solitaire and Checkers" in Pullman, WA